Automation increases the speed of your recruiting by automatically assigning steps to the appropriate hiring team member, so hiring process steps can be completed as soon as possible. You can configure three different Automation steps: Duplicate check, Send notification, and Proceed with candidate.

Configuring Automation

Automation steps are assigned to the recommended roles by default. Any step can be reassigned to a different role by navigating to the Automation page and selecting a new assignee.

To configure them, click on your company name in the top right corner –> Settings –> Automation.

Send Notification

A Send notification step is created based on the configuration of your email templates. By default, certain email templates like Rejection after a phone interview or Candidate is hired are configured to create a Send notification step. You can modify them by company using the Email Templates settings. This step is assigned to the All position recruiters by default and this setting can be changed to include other roles.

Proceed with Candidate

Whenever a candidate receives a Not sure or No hire recommendation after an interview, a new Go / No-go workflow step is created and assigned by default to All position recruiters (can be changed to include other roles). This allows the recruiters to choose whether the candidate should proceed or be rejected.

Interview Recommendation

Choose if you would like to have the "Not sure" option in the evaluation form for the interviews.

Resolve duplicate applications

Automation lets you decide if you want Comeet to automatically handle duplicate applications. In the case that an identical application is sent in, Comeet will automatically merge the candidate profile into one and it is noted under the candidate’s activity log. You may configure one of three settings: When submitted within 30 days for the same position, when submitted within 30 days for any position, or Disable automatic handling of duplicates.

Consider a Candidate for Multiple Positions

Comeet allows you to consider a candidate for multiple positions at the same time. When doing so, the candidate will have a separate hiring process for each of the positions they are considered for. The automation setting allows you to limit the number of simultaneous processes the candidate can be considered for:


Auto-Scheduling feature allows the interviewer to share their availability with the candidate and allow the candidate to select a convenient time for the interview. The automation setting below allows you to set how many business days in future the candidate can see the interviewer's availability for.


Select if the scheduled messages will be sent out exactly as scheduled or pushed back for the next business day.

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