Focus: Understanding how to automate your communication with candidates and candidate sources


Communication is a critical component in the search for the ideal candidate. We think automation’s pretty important, too, because repeatedly typing the same email is unnecessary when automation can handle so many common tasks. Automated communication helps you create a high-touch candidate experience without the administrative burden. If you haven’t already taken advantage of Comeet’s automated templates, start today as they will save you tons of time and contribute to a stronger candidate experience.

Introducing Templates

Custom templates are templates you can customize to replace manual email communication in your hiring workflows. When you send candidates homework assignments or reference requests, for example, they’ll do the work for you. There are two kinds of templates:

  • For everyone in company: Users with HR Admin or Recruiter roles (Permission required) can add and edit these templates, which can be used by all teammates.

Your personal templates: Anyone in the company can create  a template for personal use.

Template Delivery

You can specify auto-template behaviors using the following options:

  1. Send email automatically: The email will be sent automatically

  2. Confirm before sending: Comeet will display a preview of the email, which you can further edit and confirm before sending.

  3. Create ‘send notification’ step: This creates a dedicated step in the candidate’s workflow for sending the message. Users with HR Admin roles can choose to whom these tasks will be assigned (Company settings → Automation).

  4. Don’t send email: The email will not be sent.

Candidate Communication

Templates for Candidates

Automating rejection emails and calendar invites is a quick and easy efficiency boost. You can edit these templates as needed then send them out via the workflow when it’s time.

Rejection Emails

When rejecting a candidate, sending a personalized email improves the candidate experience despite the inevitable disappointment. You can use the auto rejection email before the cv screen and then one after an interview. If you have checked the Confirm Before Sending box, you’ll be able to personalize the message. Many Comeet customers also include in rejection emails suggestions for improvement.

Invitations to Interviews

Pre-define the text for interview invitations for candidates and interviewers. By using dynamic attributes such as “candidate name” and “position public name” the sent email will include all of the relevant information candidates need.

You’ve Been Hired

“Congratulations, you’re hired.” It’s always exciting to send and receive this message. In addition to celebrating their success, this template should include relevant information such as the start date and arrival instructions.

Thanks for Applying

A good candidate experience begins with this initial confirmation. Customize the “Thanks for Applying” template to emphasize your company culture such as linking to company videos, or attaching photos or other supporting media.

Position is Closed

When you close position, Comeet will ask you whether or not to notify all candidates or just the ones still in progress. Choosing Select All will notify everyone.

You’ve Been Hired

“Congratulations, you’re hired.” It’s always exciting to send and receive this message. In addition to celebrating the candidate’s success, this template should include relevant information such as the start date and arrival instructions.

Source Communication

Keeping your Sources current on the status of your recruiting projects and the status of the candidates they’ve referred to you ensures that the Sources keep you top of mind for their best candidates. Here are some of the Comeet templates that automate this communication:

Requesting Candidate Details

Tell them what you want. When communicating with sources, we recommend sharing all pertinent background information with them so they know exactly what you’re seeking and don’t waste your time with unqualified candidates. The “Requesting Candidates for a New Position” template organizes all the information they’ll need to know about the education, skills and experience you’re looking for.

Duplicate Candidate

Once sources start submitting candidates, Comeet prevents the creation of duplicate candidate profiles by flagging profiles that appear to be already in the system. By enabling this template, sources will be notified if someone they submitted is already in the system. Creating this alert will save you and your sources time and eliminate possible frustration.

Candidate Status

Updating sources about the status of their referrals is both important and considerate. Whether  you hire one of them or not, it marks your recruiting team as a professional unit. In the event that you do hire one of their referrals, Comeet includes a “Notify Sources” option that emails them with the good news. (Because you know they’ll want to celebrate, too!).

Closing a position

Keeping Sources current also includes updating them should you close a position. If you do, you can automatically notify them of the closing and the fact that you are no longer seeking or accepting candidates.

Internal Communication

New Hire

When making a hire there’s a template ready and available to send to your team. Who got the job? Everyone will want to know so why not use this template to tell them. Let the team know who will be joining. You can also use this template to notify others in the company, such as IT, Accounting and HR who should be updated about the new employee.

Thanks for the Referral

Let your colleagues know that you received their referral and the details of any referral bonus that you might be offering.

Your own custom template

While the list above is a sampling of the standard templates that we’ve created, you can easily create your own templates. How about creating a company template for everyone in your company to use? One example is a template automating candidate communication about tests or coding challenges.

Creating templates is simple. If you run into problems, our Support Team is just an email, phone call or Intercom message away.

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