Focus: Some of features and functionality that help recruiters, hiring managers, coordinators and interviewers be more productive in their daily routines.

Candidate Tagging

Candidate tagging makes it easier to classify candidates so they can be quickly retrieved in the future while searching for relevant candidates in your database. For example, tagging a candidate with “Java” or “Culture Fit” will make it easy for you to later pull up candidates with these attributes.

Run detailed reports and search candidates by using the Advanced Search functionality. This will benefit you in a few ways:

  1. At-a-glance summary of candidates’ interview progress and status.

  2. Immediate connection to profiles of past candidates who look like good fits for new openings.

  3. Bookmark your favorite searches and easily revisit anytime you need to find candidates related to the preset search.

Search for experience such as Java or education such as MBA.

Bulk Actions

Optimize your work performance and cut down on time by taking action with multiple candidates at once. The following actions can be taken with selected candidates:

  • Compose a new email or send an existing email template

  • Screen candidates in Go/No-go steps

  • Complete administrative steps

  • Tag Candidates

  • Delete candidates

  • Complete ‘Send notification’ steps

  • Change candidates status

Automate communication templates

Cut down on the time it takes you to type out emails by creating templates that are automatically personalized with candidates details. You can use auto templates for interview invites, rejection notices, request candidates from sources, and announce hires to your company and more.

Screening questionnaires

When candidates apply for a job, there is an opportunity to ask them for important details to expedite the initial screening process, and gather more information about the candidate. You can easily do this with Custom Questionnaires. For example, ask for personality traits or years experience.


Comeet has integrated with multiple external companies to streamline everything for you in one place.

  • Hiring – integrate with one of the 6 HRIS platforms we work to easily hire and create a new employee the selected talent management system. This will include the candidate’s details.

  • Make an interview more personal by using Zoom to hold video interviews with candidates

  • Connect your calendars to make scheduling interviews with candidates and interviewers faster and more seamless


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