Focus: How to use Comeet to streamline sourcing and increase the efficiency and reach of your sourcing activities.


Finding the perfect candidate can be daunting. In fact, the average hiring time has increased in just four years by 13 days. What can you do to nudge the numbers in your favor? Remove friction from your sourcing activities and introduce your employment opportunities to active and passive candidates faster. To improve your sourcing efficiency, Comeet improves not only where you can find candidates, but also the manner in which you qualify prospects, and analyze which channels are delivering quality candidates.

Sourcing Options

Database of Past Candidates

Start here; the database of your previous candidates is a great place to start searching for candidates for your newest openings. Perhaps someone who was unwilling to relocate two years ago who is now the perfect candidate. With Boolean search, filtering functionality, tagging and saved search views, finding an excellent prospect from candidates already in your system is easier than you think.

LinkedIn Sourcing (Chrome Extension)

Comeet Sourcing for Chrome is a great tool for recruiters sourcing prospects on LinkedIn. This Chrome extension allows to easily add prospects directly from LinkedIn to Comeet. Profiles already in the system are automatically flagged as possible duplicates. Comeet Sourcing for Chrome can also provide candidates’ contact information, making it really simple to contact them directly through Comeet.

Job Board Integration

With Comeet’s Integrated Job Boards, you can instantly one-click post your new position(s) to a wide variety of global, regional and specialty job boards. To optimize the visibility of your openings, make sure position locations are accurately specified in job descriptions so your openings will appear in geo-restricted searches.  

Screening Questionnaires

You can expedite initial screening (and save time for both the recruiting team and candidates) by including a questionnaire as part of the application process. Including multiple-choice and free-form question formats enables you to avoid unqualified candidates as you gather important  information about candidates.

Employee Referral Program

Employee referral programs are a great way to motivate and reward employees. Industry data has long confirmed that they improve sourcing quality. Increase your chances of a stellar hire by implementing your own program using our turnkey functionality. Everything you need to run a highly automated referral program that leverages employees, investors—even people you don’t know—is included in your Comeet subscription. Functionality includes variable commission rates, unique tracking codes, automated source attribution and bonus management.


Using a unique position email address, you can easily request candidates from agencies. With pre-populated templates that summarize what you’re seeking in candidates, all you have to do is click send to start the candidate flow.

Candidate Pool

Creating a position pool gives you the opportunity to retain—without affecting your reporting—as many candidates as you want for future opportunities.

Internal Mobility

Many of your current employees are undoubtedly dedicated and trusted so why risk losing them to opportunities elsewhere. Promoting new positions internally is a proven way to keep them engaged and motivated, while preventing the departure and loss of organizational knowledge. Comeet helps you promote your openings internally by making it simple for you and your colleagues to apply directly as an employee from your careers page:

Sourcing Analytics

Tracking Candidates Sources

Comeet tracks candidates sources automatically. This data allows recruiters and hiring managers to analyze the quality of their sources and prioritize the various talent acquisition channels.

Sources are automatically tracked and can also be manually defined where further granularity is needed, such as tracking multiple Facebook sourcing campaigns.

Extensive reporting options will also help you analyze sources to identify those you can count on to deliver the best candidates.

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