To create a new position, click on + and select Position:

Name the new position, select the reason for the first opening and select the Hiring Manager and Recruiter for the position by choosing a teammate from the dropdown menu:

Note: You can always reassign these roles later and add more teammates to the position’s hiring team by visiting the Hiring team tab.

Position Templates

Positions are built with templates that dictate a position’s workflow and scorecard. When creating a position, the Basic template is selected by default. To change the template, click Basic template and select a different template from a dropdown.

Comeet provides two types of template options.

  1. You can select a Basic template that comes with Comeet’s default six-step workflow, as well as the default interview evaluation scorecard.

  2. You can duplicate or clone an existing position at your company. Selecting this option will copy the position settings from the past position

Click Add when finished.

Note: If you would like to create your own position template, read more here.

Modifying the Master Workflow

Once you have added the position, you can set up the Master Workflow to configure the hiring steps. A workflow is a sequence of steps that guide the hiring process. They coordinate timelines, and tasks for the entire hiring team and every candidate. Workflows are initially defined when creating a position by reusing or customizing a saved workflow, or creating a new one. They are customizable by position or candidate, subject to the hiring team member’s role.

Steps can be reassigned, rearranged, added, removed, or grouped as parallel. Changes made to the Master Workflow will change the Workflows for all of the candidates applying for the position. To learn more about how the Workflow

Note: Changes made to the Master Workflow will not affect candidate’s with unlocked workflows.

There are three different kinds of workflow steps: Go / No-go, Interview, and Administrative steps. Steps are assigned to one or more members of a hiring team. Workflows are completely customizable with simple mouse clicks, even after a hiring process has started. Steps can be easily added, grouped, changed in order, reassigned, or even deleted.

Go / No-go step

The Go / No-go choice is a Yes or No decision. You can choose to advance candidates to the next stage/person in the workflow, or halt their progress. If you choose to halt the process as an interviewer or coordinator, the workflow is automatically updated with a new step. The Hiring Manager is automatically notified and has the option to override the No-go decision, and advance the candidate. If you’re a recruiter or Hiring Manager, your No-go selection launches a pop-up window that is a notification email to send to the rejected candidate.

Interview step

The Interview choice is used to schedule and conduct interviews. You can schedule an in person, phone, or video interview with a candidate and send an email notification to both the candidate and interviewer with a calendar invitation. The interviewer will also receive an attachment of the candidate’s resume to review before conducting the scheduled interview. Learn more about conducting interviews with Comeet by clicking here.

Administrative step

The Administrative step is used internally to ensure that something is completed. For example, if your company needs to complete a background check on a candidate, that can be created as an Administrative step, and you simply mark the step as completed when done.

Adding and grouping steps

To Add a step or Group steps as parallel, mouseover between any two steps to reveal a plus sign and a pause icon. Click the plus sign and a new step will be added. Then, choose a step name and step type, and assign it to any teammate.

To Group steps as parallel so they happen concurrently, mouseover between any two steps and click the pause icon. To ungroup or separate any steps, simply mouseover between two steps and click the arrow to Ungroup parallel steps.

Completing the Job Description

You can navigate to the Description tab to include information regarding the position. Clicking on the job title shows the position profile, including the Description tab. Click on each field to complete the position description. This includes adding a Job Description and Requirements, both of which are visible when the position appears on your company’s careers website. You may also add information in the Brief to Team field, which is only viewable to hiring teammates.

Note: Users with the Admin or Management role can create custom fields like Business Unit and Job Opening Date by navigating to your name in the top right corner –> Company Setting –> Positions.

Posting the Position to your Careers Website

When you are done creating your position and want to add it to your organization’s careers page, click to change the position visibility from Unpublished to Published.

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