Your company is using Comeet to improve recruiting, and you’ve been added to one of the hiring teams as an interviewer. By the time you’re invited to interview, the candidate has already passed a preliminary screening. We’d like to show you just how easy Comeet is to use so you can prepare, interview, and evaluate candidates.

1. Interviewing Basics

  • Schedule an Interview
    When a candidate reaches an Interview step, a position’s coordinator or the interviewer will be assigned to schedule an interview. Once confirmed, the interviewer and the candidate will receive an email notification with the scheduled time, which can be added to your Gmail or Outlook calendar.

  • Conducting an Interview
    Once a candidate is scheduled to have an Interview, the interviewer and candidate will receive emails with calendar invitations for the scheduled time.

  • Interview Questions  
    Comeet allows you to create interview questions to use when conducting interviews, so every interviewer can always access the questions you want them to ask. When conducting an interview, you can click on a question to mark it as asked so you never ask a candidate the same question twice.

  • Tag Candidates    
    Candidate tagging makes it easier to classify candidates so they can be quickly  retrieved in the future while searching for relevant candidates in your database.  

  • Create Custom Email Templates                                                                                 Custom templates make life easier whenever you have to send the same message multiple times. For example, sending homework assignments to candidates or asking for references.

  • Interview Invites for Interviewer and Candidate
    Different templates are used by Comeet for Interviewer and Candidate invitations. Learn the difference between the details shared with you and the candidate in interview invite.

2. Collaboration

  • Discuss Candidates with Teammates
    Internal communication is a key element in the hiring process. Leave comments and start the conversation about a candidate with other teammates all documented on a candidate’s profile.

  • Copy and Keep Candidate's Evaluation
    Sharing full candidate's evaluation outside Comeet can be done easily with this functionality.

What's Next?

When you're ready to dive deeper, watch the training video for Hiring Managers.

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