Recruiting Coordinators are responsible for forming the link between Recruiters or Hiring Managers and current candidates. Recruiting Coordinators have full position-level access except for budget settings related to salary and referral program details. They are in charge of corresponding with candidates, scheduling interviews, and more.

Recruiting Coordinator Basics

  • Meeting Rooms
    Does your company use calendar invitations to schedule rooms for interviews, meetings, and other purposes? Comeet allows you to schedule a room for your interviews using the Meeting Rooms feature.

  • Schedule an Interview
    When a candidate reaches an Interview step, you will be assigned to schedule an interview. Once confirmed, the interviewer and the candidate will receive an email notification with the scheduled time, which can be added to your Gmail or Outlook calendar.

  • Add a Participant to a Step
    When viewing a step in the workflow, more teammates can be added to a step by clicking Add participant. This can be used so that any teammate added can complete the step, but it can also be used to organize a panel of interviewers for an Interview step.


  • Edit Auto Templates
    Auto templates are customizable email templates for every step in the hiring process.

  • Create Custom Email Templates
    Custom templates make life easier whenever you have to send the same message multiple times. For example, sending homework assignments to candidates or asking for references.

  • Add Interview Questions
    Comeet allows you to create interview questions to use when conducting interviews, so every interviewer can always access the questions you want them to ask.

If interviewing candidates is part of your responsibilities, please check out our Comeet for Interviewers article.

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