The roles of Owner and Admin in Comeet, usually assigned to the Recruiting Leads, allow the highest level of access to all system settings, positions and candidates. Owner and Admin are in charge to shape Comeet settings to accommodate the company hiring process in a most efficient way.


The following checklist will help you go over the settings and features and practice at your own pace. Please choose one of the options to copy a Google Sheet into your Google Drive, or download the checklist in Excel format

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Training Videos

The below video guides will help you get an overall understanding of Comeet processes and workflow:

1. Welcome and Basic Company Settings #1

to Comeet
Set up Company Profile
Activate Calendar
Download Chrome Extensions - LinkedIn & Search
Enable Job Boards
Set up Referral Program

2. Basic Company Settings #2

Language Settings
Set up Company Locations
Meeting Room Configuration
Candidate Tags

3. Company Position Defaults

Step Templates
Rejection and Withdrawal Reasons (Disposition)
Position Fields

4. Teammate and Permission Management

Manage Teammates and their Permissions
Permissions on a Company level
Permissions on a Position Level
Automation Settings
System Permissions

5. Email Template Management

Auto Templates
Custom Templates

6. Advanced Settings - Interview questions

Interview Questions - Data Base
Create a Question Set
Add Question set to a Position Workflow and Interview Evaluation

Print Interview Questions

7. Advanced Settings - Candidate questionnaires

Build a new Questionnaire
Assign a questionnaire to a location or position
Application Form with Questionnaire on Career Website
Questionnaire Responses in the Candidate Card
How to add a Questionnaire to an Email Template

Further Reading

Setup Comeet in 12 Steps: we encourage you to make sure you have completed all of the steps for a complete one-time setup, but you may also pick the most relevant now and come back to this list at a later time.

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