The Comeet Sourcing extension for Chrome is a great tool for recruiters searching for prospects on LinkedIn. The extension allows you to easily add prospects directly to Comeet from within LinkedIn and notifies you if the applicant is already in your Comeet candidate database. 

Source Candidates

1. Install the extension

It seems almost redundant to clarify this but Comeet Sourcing for Chrome only works with Google Chrome. (We aren’t prejudiced against Safari, Firefox, Opera or other browsers in case you were wondering). Install Comeet Sourcing for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store.  Once you’ve added the extension you will see the Comeet “Co” icon on the top right corner of the Chrome browser.

2. Add candidates to Comeet

When you visit a prospect’s LinkedIn profile a pop-up window will open on the right of the screen so you can add him/her to Comeet directly from their profile.

  1. Save the candidate’s profile as a PDF by clicking More > Save to PDF beneath the candidate’s picture.

  2. Upload the saved profile PDF to the Comeet Sourcing extension. You can either drag-and-drop the saved profile directly into the Comeet Sourcing extension or click Upload file.

  3. Choose the position to which you’d like to add the candidate. Comeet will automatically detect the candidate’s name in most cases.

  4. Start the discussion with a colleague by adding a note and using @mention.

  5. Click Add to Comeet.

Edit details

To edit a prospect’s details before adding him/her to Comeet, click on the Pencil icon (edit) and add additional details.

Avoid duplicates

When viewing a profile that is an exact match to a candidate already in Comeet, the position and current workflow stage will be displayed. Click Open to see candidate’s full profile in Comeet.

If the prospect has similar details to a candidate in Comeet, candidates will appear one by one with a clarification option to select “Same person” or “Not the same person”.

  • “Same person” – LinkedIn profile will be added to the candidate

  • “Not same person” – Prospect can be added to Comeet by clicking Add to Comeet

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