Comeet tracks how candidates reach your careers website, allowing to attribute them to their source when they apply. This attribution helps recruiters analyze the quality of their talent acquisition channels.

Sources are generally tracked automatically and can also be manually defined where further granularity is needed.

Prerequisites for tracking candidates sources

Tracking candidate sources works for the following setups:

  • Comeet’s hosted careers website.

  • Comeet's WordPress plugin – implementation must implement the Application form widget.

  • Integrated careers website – the website must implement the Application form widget.

Note: If your website is not integrated with Comeet, or it is integrated but does not implement the Application form widget, then tracking of candidates sources will not work on the website.

Source attribution

When candidates apply for a job on the careers website they are attributed to the source that referred them, such as a company employee, sourcing campaign or another website.

How attribution works

  1. When a candidates reached the careers website Comeet creates a tracking cookie to keep track of the source that referred the candidate.

  2. The cookie is valid for 30 days. If the candidate applies for a job within this timeframe they will be attributed to that source.

  3. After 30 days the tracking cookie expires.

Tracked sourcing channels

The following list describes the sourcing channels that are tracked by Comeet.

Employee referrals

There are several ways to refer friends and colleagues for a position: posting to social media, sending an email to a friend or submitting a friend’s resume on the company’s careers website. Learn more here.

When a candidate clicks on a link or a post shared by a company’s employee using the Employee Referral Widget on your careers website Comeet will recognize this employee as the candidate’s source.

Sourcing campaign

You can track the traffic of candidates from a campaign, an article, an ad or a post by using a trackable link:

  1. Create a new source (from Position > Sources > New source) or edit an existing source.

  2. In the source window, pick a position (or the careers website) and click on Get trackable link to copy a trackable link to the clipboard.

  3. Paste this link in your article or ad. Candidates who click the link will be associated with that source, independently of the referring website.

Comeet also tracks UTM parameters, which don't affect source attribution. Learn more here.

Integrated job boards

Candidates that reach your website from posts on job boards that are integrated with Comeet (eg. Indeed, LinkedIn) are automatically associated with the job board as their source.

See the list of integrated job boards.

Company’s website

Candidates that reach the careers website from another page on your website are associated with a source named by the company’s domain (eg.

Traffic from other websites

When candidates reach the company’s careers website through a link on another website, Comeet recognizes the referring website’s domain as the candidate’s source. For example, if you see a source named ‘’ it means that a candidate clicked a link on Google that directed them to your careers website.

Referring domain will take effect only when the above scenarios don’t apply.

Best practice: Comeet can track traffic to any page on your website from any page on the web. To do that, integrate Comeet's Careers API on all pages of your website. It’s simple to integrate, the technical information is available here.

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