Candidate tagging makes it easier to classify candidates so they can be quickly retrieved in the future while searching for relevant candidates in your database.

Add tags

Only teammates with permission to edit candidates can add tags by going to a candidate’s profile and clicking on the tag icon. You can pick from the list of existing tags or add new ones.

Note: Tags are shared across the candidate's hiring processes. For example, when a candidate is being considered for two positions any change to the tags in one of the positions will also be reflected in the other position.

Search by tag

Type any tag name in the search box to quickly display candidates with this tag. 

Click on Advanced search and add the Tags filter to search for multiple tags and click search to display candidates with these tags.

Manage tags

Tags can be managed by users with the Owner or Admin roles.

Manage tags by going to Company settings → Candidate tags. You can edit the name and color by clicking on an existing tag or add a new tag by clicking “Add tag”.

Merge tags

  1. Go to Company settings → Candidate tags.

  2. Merge two tags by giving them the same name.

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