Customize the position settings to better promote, screen and manage candidates. While position settings default to your company settings, they can be customized per position.

Note: Access to position settings is restricted  to the position’s Recruiter and HR Admin/Owner. (The position’s Hiring Manager has limited access). Access position settings via  the settings tab in the position view.

Position Image

Add a position image for sharing on Social networks by clicking on the Upload button.

Read more about best practices for sharing images on social networks here.

NOTE: Depending on how your integration was configured, this image can also be displayed on your integrated careers website, speak with your  web developer about this option.


Add a pre-screening questionnaire to help screen candidates faster while completely eliminating poor matches at top of funnel.

Learn how to create a questionnaire and then add it to the position here.

Referral bonus to employees

Employee referrals are proven to increase both the quality of candidates and the quality of hires. Offering a referral bonus is a proven way to interest employees in actively promoting your openings.  

It’s simple to modify a referral bonus:

  • Use the company default

  • Create a unique bonus for the position

  • Choose not to provide a  bonus

Learn how to update the company default Referral Program bonus here (this can be updated by the HR Admin/Owner).

Salary expectation visibility

Control the visibility of the candidate’s salary. The default permission limits visibility to the position’s Recruiters. Provide access to the position’s Hiring Manager or Position Managers.

Candidate pool

For companies that regularly hire for the same position (general or entry-level positions, for example), a candidate pool is a great way to create a group of preliminarily vetted candidates. By setting the position to candidate pool, it will act as a holding tank. The position will be inactive and will not create workflow tasks or be included in reports. Recruiters can then move candidates to other positions.

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