Internal communication is a key element in the hiring process. Leave comments and start the conversation about a candidate with other teammates all documented on a candidate’s profile.

Start the conversation

To add a comment on a candidate profile, click Comment, enter your text and click Post.

To start a conversation, mention someone by typing @, followed by a teammate’s name.

To notify several people you can choose one of the groups like: Position recruiters and Position leadership (includes the hiring manager, managers and recruiters of the position).

CALLOUT-TIP:  Don’t see a teammate in the list when typing @?
The list of teammates only includes teammates that are allowed to see the candidate according to their role in the position and company, and  according to visibility settings of the discussion.

Continue the discussion

Mentioned teammates get an email message with the discussion thread. They can then reply by clicking Reply at the bottom of the discussion box or by replying directly to the email message.

Comment visibility

Determine who can view the comment posted by selecting one of the visibility options:

  • Anyone that can see this candidate

  • Hiring manager, managers and recruiters

  • Position recruiters

  • Only me

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