Comeet allows users to include Disposition Reasons when a candidate is rejected or withdrawn. By default, Disposition Reasons are set to Optional, but a company Admin can change its setting to Required (recommended).

To manage the disposition reasons in your account please click on Settings --> Disposition reasons:

When viewing Disposition Reasons in Company Settings, Rejection and Withdrawn reasons can be added, edited, or deleted. When a teammate rejects a candidate or sets a candidate’s status to withdrawn, a dialogue box will pop up and the user is given the option to select the reason for rejection or withdrawal, and add a note, as well.

When a candidate is rejected at a Go/No-go step, a user can use Comeet’s one-click rejection feature and click one of the Disposition Reasons to quickly reject a candidate.

Capturing structured data around why a candidate or prospect was ultimately rejected from a job can impact the way your organization analyzes its recruiting efforts by revealing any potential trends that are keeping you from making a hire.

Rejection reasons (We rejected them):

Doesn't meet requirements: Education

Doesn't meet requirements: Experience

Doesn't meet requirements: Skills

Didn't pass background check

Didn't pass professional assessment

Incomplete application

More qualified candidate selected


Position closed

Salary requested is too high

Unable to contact candidate

Unsatisfactory references

Unsatisfactory soft skills

Withdrawn (They rejected us):

Accepted another job

Failed to show for interview

Not interested: Company

Not interested: Job description

Not interested: Location

Not interested: Overqualified

Not interested: Salary

Not looking for a new job

Offer rejected

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