Comeet allows users to include Disposition Reasons when a candidate is rejected or withdrawn. By default, Disposition Reasons are set to Optional, but a company Admin can change its setting to Required (recommended).

To manage the disposition reasons in your account please click on Settings --> Disposition reasons:

When viewing Disposition Reasons in Company Settings, Rejection and Withdrawn reasons can be added, edited, or deleted. When a teammate rejects a candidate or sets a candidate’s status to withdrawn, a dialogue box will pop up and the user is given the option to select the reason for rejection or withdrawal, and add a note, as well.

When a candidate is rejected at a Go/No-go step, a user can use Comeet’s one-click rejection feature and click one of the Disposition Reasons to quickly reject a candidate.

Capturing structured data around why a candidate or prospect was ultimately rejected from a job can impact the way your organization analyzes its recruiting efforts by revealing any potential trends that are keeping you from making a hire.

Rejection reasons (We rejected them):

  • Doesn't Meet Requirements - Education
  • Doesn't Meet Requirements - Technical skills
  • Doesn't Meet Requirements - Experience
  • Position closed
  • More qualified candidate selected
  • Overqualified
  • Salary requested is too high
  • Incomplete application
  • Candidate located too far away/can't commute
  • Unsatisfactory references
  • Didn't pass technical assessment 
  • Not a cultural fit 
  • Failed Background Check
  • Unable to Contact Candidate

Withdrawn (They rejected us):

  • Not Interested in Job
  • Not Interested in Salary
  • Failed to Show for Interview
  • Offer Rejected by Candidate
  • Location of the position
  • Accepted Another Job
  • Felt they were overqualified
  • Wasn’t interested in our Tech Stack
  • Prefers to stay in current company / not looking for a job

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