Comeet provides International Language Support by allowing company Admin’s to add other languages used by your organization.

By navigating to your Company Settings –> Languages, you may Add or Delete any language that is used by your organization.


When adding a new location, you may select the default language for the position by clicking Language. When email templates are sent to a candidate, they will appear in the default language for the location assigned to that position. If the language you would like to select does not appear, simply type the desired language and upon clicking Save for the location, you will be prompted to Create the language.

Email Template Support

When a user with the Admin or Management company role navigates to Email Templates, he will be able to view any system template in the Default language (English) or click to select another that an Admin has configured, for example, Spanish. To modify the template in Spanish, click on the Spanish tab, make your edits, and click Publish. From now on, any location that has defined Spanish as its default language will automatically use the Spanish email templates. At any time, a template for another language can be deleted by clicking on the template and click More –> Delete template in…

Note: In order for an email template to be used in another language, you must first edit and publish the template. Once a green check appears next to the tab, like for Default shown above, the template has been published and is ready for use.

If a user wants to send a candidate an email using a template for another language, he may choose the desired template by clicking Templates, select the desired System template, and click Send to candidate.

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