If you’re not already running an employee referral program, you’re missing out on a proven method of sourcing candidates with high potential for employment. On average, companies that use the Comeet-powered referral program drive over 30% of their hires from referrals.

Comeet makes it simple to launch an effective, engaging and rewarding employee referral program. Here’s how to create your own:

1. Choose bonus fees and participation options

Data shows that paying bonuses increases the number of employees who’ll actively promote the company's openings. You may want to adjust the amount depending on the position’s seniority or competition for the skills and experience you seek.

See our guide for setting up your referral program

2. Start promoting the program

Emphasize to your employees the opportunity to earn referral bonuses while helping the company grow. We recommend sending the following email that includes a link to the below video to your employees to inspire them to start sharing job openings with their friends and social circles:

Subject: Company Referral Program: Help us grow & you’ll be rewarded

Hey everyone,

As part of our recruiting activities at Company Name, we’d like your help. We’ll even pay you for it.

We’ve launched a referral program to help us promote the great opportunities to work here. If we hire one of your referrals, we’ll pay you a $1,000 reward for introducing us to this new talent. Participating is simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Visit our careers website <<link the site URL to your careers website>>.

  2. Click on “Employee at <<Company Name>>.” Type in your name and work email.

  3. Share on Facebook and LinkedIn or directly email your talented friends!

Candidates who apply using your links will be automatically marked with your name so we know whom to send the money to.

You also have the ability to “Apply as an Employee”. To do so, visit our careers website <<link the site URL to your careers website>>. Make sure you are logged into your company domain and then click apply as an employee.

Please also take a look at this quick video for more information.

It you have any questions about the program, start here. If you still have questions afterwards, please contact us.

Thanks in advance for all your support!

Your Name Here

Have more questions? Contact us at support@comeet.co

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