Custom templates make life easier whenever you have to send the same message multiple times. For example, sending homework assignments to candidates or asking for references.

There are two kinds of Custom templates:

  • For everyone in company: Users with HR Admin or Recruiter roles (Permission required) can add and edit these templates, which can be used by all teammates.

  • Your personal templates: Anyone in the company can create  a template for their personal use.

Add a custom template in Setting → templates. Click +Add personal template or +Add company template.  

Customize your template

Custom attributes

You can think of attributes as specific pieces of information about a person, an event or any other entity that is managed in Comeet. Using attributes allows you to customize your email templates for any type of recipient, whether candidates, teammates, sources or third parties.

To insert an attribute:

  1. Place your cursor where you want to insert the attribute

  2. Click Insert attribute

  3. Select an attribute from the list

NOTE: the list of available attributes varies between different templates according to the context of the message.

Send a copy

By copying (CC or BCC) people on sent emails, you can keep them current on activities and progress.

  • Check the box next to the roles you wish to copy. Options are candidate’s source, recruiter and coordinator.


Personalize your emails by personalizing your signature.

Learn how to set up a personal signature here.

NOTE: The personal signature is added to all messages except messages that are sent from a general email address such as the “Thanks for applying” email message.

Using  a Custom template

It’s simple to write an email based on a Custom Template. Click Templates then select the template from the list.

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