With Comeet’s Integrated Job Boards, you can instantly one-click post your new positions and start getting more candidates!

For a current list of job boards you can post to from within Comeet, see the list of integrated job boards.

4 steps to gain more exposure for your openings

In order to make the most out of Integrated Job Boards on your account, be sure to following our best practices listed below. Integrated Job Boards will help your company grow by maximizing your positions’ exposure on the web!

1. Careers website

Verify that the URL for your Careers website is correct by navigating to Company settings -> Careers website.

For companies using Comeet API: Note that after integrating your website with the Comeet API, Comeet automatically identifies the pages of the different positions on your website so candidates that are coming from postings on job boards land directly on the page of the right job.

If you have not integrated with the Comeet API yet we encourage you to do so! It will keep your website always in sync, let candidates easily apply for jobs, track the candidates sources and allow you to promote employee referral programs — learn more here.

2. Locations

Verify that the locations of your offices are defined properly. This is required for the positions to be posted on the job boards and to appear on search results.

Navigate to Company settings -> Locations and make sure that each location has a city and a country defined.

Please note the job boards validate the city and country names and these details need to be spelled accurately for the job postings to go through.

3. Activate the job boards

Comeet allows you to activate the job boards on Automatic mode, so that all of your published positions are posted automatically.

For some job boards you may also choose Manual mode and post positions selectively from the positions page.

Navigate to Company settings -> Job boards to set your preferences.

Please note that a position is only published if it satisfies the minimum set of data as required by the job board, which usually includes job description and location, including the city and country.

4. Post your published positions

To post to one of the Integrated Job Boards, click on any position –> Sources, and scroll down to post your position instantly.

Please note that your position must be set to Published in order to post to job boards, and it may take up to 24 hours for changes to take effect.

Have more questions? Contact us at support@comeet.co

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