Position Email Address provides the ability to submit candidate’s resumes via email to a specific position in Comeet. It’s useful for numerous cases such as:

  • Accepting candidates from recruiting agencies or job boards

  • Posting a job to LinkedIn — choose to receive application using the position email address

  • Forwarding a resume you received by email

When an email is received, a candidate is created using the information provided on the resume. The candidate will receive a “Thanks for applying” email, which can be customized by a company Admin under Templates.

The Position Email Address is limited to receiving emails including an attached resume (doc, docx, pdf, or rtf), or a LinkedIn profile via a LinkedIn job application. If an unsupported email format is received, an error message will be sent to the sender.

Comeet allows you to use three different types of position email addresses: Public, Anonymous and Custom.

Public Email Address

The Public email address is generated automatically by Comeet and includes the company name.

Anonymous Email Address

The Anonymous email address will hide your company name from the email address. The Anonymous email address triggers a different email response, the “Thanks for applying for discreet position” email template, to ensure the anonymity of your company.

Custom Email Address

The Custom email address allows you to create a friendly email address with a name of your choice, usually the name of the position.

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