The world’s leading professional network, LinkedIn continues to be a significant candidate sourcing channel. This article explains two ways in which you can post positions on LinkedIn. For more information about active sourcing on LinkedIn see Comeet Sourcing for Chrome.

Free Postings On LinkedIn

Comeet’s LinkedIn integration enables you to automatically post all of your published positions or manually post select positions. Configuring posting preferences and posting open positions is similar to working with other integrated job boards. Click here for instructions and the full list of integrated job boards.

Positions posted through the integration (posted as Limited Listings) will appear in LinkedIn search results. It’s an excellent way to find job seekers actively searching for a job on LinkedIn. To target passive candidates, you may want to try LinkedIn’s paid job posts or LinkedIn’s job slots. (The next section in this article includes more information on paid options).

How are free listings different from LinkedIn Job Slots and LinkedIn Job Posts?

  • Free listings only appear in search and do not appear as recommendations (e.g. “Jobs You May Be Interested In”, “Work With Us” ads, “Similar jobs” recommendations, or via recommendation emails etc.).

  • Free listings cannot be managed on LinkedIn or sponsored across the site (e.g. Job Analytics, suggested matches, people who have viewed the job, etc.).

Note: Positions without job description or requirements will not be posted on LinkedIn.

Posting Directly On LinkedIn

When posting a job directly on LinkedIn, you can choose how candidates apply. There are two options:

Direct applicants to an external site to apply (recommended)

To use this option enter the URL of the position on your careers website. If you are using Comeet’s careers API or the hosted careers website by Comeet, LinkedIn will be automatically specified as the source.

Let candidates apply with their LinkedIn profile and “Notify Me” by email

To select this option enter the Position Email Address for the position.

Note: When selecting this option, LinkedIn submits an email message with the application details, but does not provide the candidate’s LinkedIn profile URL or the complete resume. Comeet will attempt to retrieve the candidate’s information based on the details found in the email message from LinkedIn. If the information is found, the candidate will be created with “LinkedIn” specified as the candidate’s source. If Comeet cannot retrieve the information, then the email message from LinkedIn will be sent to the Recruiter of the position. When receiving this message, it’s easy to open the candidate’s profile on LinkedIn and add the candidate to Comeet using Comeet Sourcing for Chrome.


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