Admins have the ability to manage all Teammates within Comeet. A teammate is simply one of your company’s members of Comeet and an admin can can add or deactivate any teammate at any time, as well as assign any teammate a role.

Adding or Deactivating Teammates

To access your teammates, click Teammates in the side menu. To add new teammates, select Add Teammates or use '+' near the quick search field . By default, a teammate will be added with the Teammate role.

Email Invitation

By typing in an email address and clicking Invite, an email invitation will be sent to that email inviting the recipient to log in at Comeet will prompt the user to log in with LinkedIn or an email address.

Please note that when inviting new teammate, their email domain will be validated according to the list of domains in Company Settings. Only the Owner or Admin can invite teammates with a different domain than the ones listed in your Company Settings.

Recruiters and other Hiring Team members can invite new teammates from the main Comeet screen or directly from the position step as shown below:

Invite teammate from main page:

Invite teammate from position hiring team page:

Invite teammate directly to a specific workflow step:

Deactivating Teammates

Please note, if the teammate has active roles in open positions, their roles and tasks need to be reassigned to another teammate before deactivating their profile.

After this the teammate can be deactivated by clicking the drop down arrow on the right side, and selecting Deactivate teammate:

Editing Teammate Profiles

Admins may edit teammate profiles by clicking the drop down arrow on the right side of a teammate, and Edit teammate. Admins are able to edit any information found in a teammate’s profile, including name, job title, email, phone number, and more!

Forward teammates conversations while they are away

Restrict the teammate from viewing their own candidate profile

Managing Teammate's Roles

Admins can manage any teammates role by clicking on the drop down arrow next to their current role, and select any role that you would like to assign to a teammate.

Teammates can be assigned to any of the following roles:

  • Admin

  • Management

  • Recruiter

  • Coordinator

For more information about the roles and permissions, please check the Company Roles article.

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