Candidate Sources allow Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and company executives to identify where their candidates are coming from and the quality of the sources. When adding a source to a candidate, you must first Add Source, then set the Source Type and the Source Contact. First let’s discuss adding a source.

Add Source

There are two ways to add a new source:

  1. Add Source when Adding a Candidate 
  2. Manually Add a Source 

Add Source when Adding a Candidate

When you manually Add candidate, you have the option to type or select the Source and click Add.

Note: If a candidate was added automatically, go to the Candidate Profile –> Edit –> Edit candidate, and the same dialogue will appear.

Manually Add a Source 

There are two ways to Manually Add a Source to Comeet:

  1. Under Sources: Go to any position –> Sources –> Add source to position.
  2. Under Reports: Go to Reports–> Sources –> Add source.

Set the Source Type

When you add a new source to Comeet, you must first define the Source Type. Comeet uses source types to separate sources by categories such as referrals, job boards, social networks, and others.

For this example, I am going to add the agency Michael Page.

Set the Source Contact

After you add the source, you need to set the Source Contact so you can take advantage of Comeet’s integrated communication features. Click to Edit the source and add the Source Contact and Domain. When you fill out the source Domain, all future emails that come from that domain will automatically be added as a source contact.

Edit Source Details

You may always revisit and edit the Source Details in a few different ways:

  1. Go to Reports –> Sources –> click the arrow next to a source — > Edit source.
  2. Go to a position –> Sources –> click the arrow next to a source — > Edit source.
  3. Go to a candidate –> Edit –> Edit candidate –> click Edit next to the source.


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