Candidate Sources allow Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and company executives to identify where their candidates are coming from and the quality of the sources. When adding a source to a candidate, you must first Add Source, then set the Source Type and the Source Contact. First let’s discuss adding a source.

Add New Source to Comeet

Click on + sign and select Source:

A new source card will be created, please fill the following details:

  • Source name

  • Source type - Comeet uses source types to separate sources by categories such as referrals, job boards, social networks, and others.

  • Contacts (relevant for all notified source types) - so you can take advantage of Comeet’s integrated communication features

  • Source domain - please add anything after the @ sign in domain in lowercase letters (example: When you fill out the source Domain, all future emails that come from that domain will automatically be added as a source contact.

Add existing source to candidate or position

1. Select Source when Adding a Candidate

When you manually Add candidate, you have the option to type or select the Source and click Add.

Note: If a candidate was added automatically and the source needs to be changed, navigate to the Candidate Profile –> Edit –> Edit candidate, and the same dialogue will appear.

2. Add a Source to position

Navigate to the position -> Sources and scroll down to add a source of your choice:

*In case you cannot see the source you're searching for, please check if it was added to the position already:

Edit Source Details

You may always revisit and edit the Source Details in a few different ways:

  1. Search for a source name in search field — > Edit source.

  2. Go to a position –> Sources –> click the arrow next to a source — > Edit source.

  3. Go to a candidate –> Edit –> Edit candidate –> click Edit next to the source.

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