Comeet’s Hiring Team defines the teammates that are assigned to handle a specific position’s hiring process.

By navigating to any position and clicking on the icon of the 2 silhouettes, you can view the Hiring Team for a certain position.

To change the permissions for members of the Hiring Team, click the drop down arrow and select their position roles.

You may always add a teammate to the Hiring Team by typing their Name or Email in the box, select their role (Viewer, Coordinator, etc.), and click Add.

Hiring Team FAQs

I can’t find a position, how can I find it?

  • You may not have permission to access the position if you only have the Teammate company role.

  • The position may be set to Published (restricted) or Discreet, and in that case only members of the position’s hiring team are able to see the position.

  • Click on My open positions on the left hand side of the screen and change the view to All open positions.

How do I remove a teammate from the Hiring Team?

In order to remove a teammate from the Hiring Team you must ensure that the following three conditions are met:
1. The user is not part of the Workflow for the position.
2. The user is not assigned to any steps for candidates applying for that position. (Note: this means if a specific candidate’s workflow is unlocked and the user is assigned to a future step, the user must be removed from the step in order to be removed from the position’s Hiring Team.)

If the user has any steps assigned to them, the current role and tasks will need to be reassigned to someone else:

3. The user is removed from all roles under the Hiring Team for the position.

Why can't I assign Interviewer role in the hiring team settings?

Interviewer role is assigned to a teammate automatically after they are added to an interview step in position workflow:

Why can't I remove Hiring Manager role from a teammate?

Hiring Manager is a mandatory role in the position hiring team. There can only be one Hiring Manager in each position. If you'd like to remove it from one teammate, please do it by adding it to another teammate.

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