Comeet allows all employees to benefit from referral rewards by providing the ability to share open positions directly from the company’s careers page and get rewarded for referrals upon a successful hire.

By navigating to one of your company’s open positions, you can see the job description, requirements, and a button to identify yourself as an employee of the company.

Getting credit for your referrals

By clicking on Employee at…, a prompt will appear allowing you to fill out your full name and work email. After clicking Done, a box will pop up notifying you of the referral reward for the position and give you three options:

  1.  Refer A Friend allows you to submit an application on behalf of a friend.

  2. Use one-click social media sharing options to share the opening to anyone in your social media network.

  3. Use the Personal link to share a personalized link to the position.

After a candidate applies using your personalized link, you will be credited as the source of the candidate and may be rewarded for your referral upon a successful hire according to the company’s policy.

Note: These steps can be completed on your company’s default careers page as well — not just on a specific opening.

If you’re a recruiter — learn how to set up the employee referral program and promote your referral program.

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