Custom Position Fields allow Comeet Owners and Admins to create additional fields under the Description tab of each position. For each position, Comeet includes default position fields such as Position name, Position ID, and Location. You may want to create other fields, such as Business Unit or Division.

These Custom Position Fields can deliver additional information to prospective candidates, as well as generate more reporting data.

Create Custom Fields

  1. Go to Company Settings

  2. Click Position Fields

  3. Add Custom Fields

Each Custom Field will have space available to add key words that will be used when setting up the job description. Choose whether or not the Recruiter and Hiring Manager can add free text, or opt for a pre-populated drop-down field created by the Owner or Admin. In addition, decide whether or not completing the Category Field will be required to publish the position. The custom fields will be available under the Description tab of each position.

[NOTE] Custom Position Fields designated as Internal Use will only be visible to Comeet users at your company. Custom Position Fields designated as Public will be posted on your career site as well as any job boards you may decide to publish your position on.


Add to Position Description

Once a field has been created, it can be incorporate into the description by Recruiters or Hiring Managers when creating a new position or modifying an existing one. Depending on the setting specified by the Owner or Admin, the Recruiter or Hiring Manager will have the option to choose from a dropdown or enter free text.

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