Auto templates are customizable email templates for every step in the hiring process. There are three different types of auto emails:

  1. To candidates: Email templates sent to candidates.

  2. To sources : Email templates sent to sources.

  3. Internal use: Email templates sent to interviewers, meeting rooms and office calendars with invites regarding interviews scheduled.

Who is it for?

Company templates can be edited by users with an HR Admin role. Recruiters can also edit the company templates if the company permissions allows them to do so. To manage permissions visit the permission tab.

Edit an auto template in Company Settings → templates and use all the functionality of creating a custom email template along with additional functionality listed here:


Determine the behavior of the auto-template by choosing between these different options:

  1. Send email automatically: The email will be sent automatically

  2. Confirm before sending: Comeet will display a preview of the email, which you can further edit  and confirm before sending.

  3. Create ‘send notification’ step: This creates a dedicated step in the candidate’s workflow for completing this action. Users with HR Admin roles can choose  (Company settings → Automation) to whom this task will be assigned.

  4. Don’t send email: The email will not be sent.

Use custom attributes

  • Interviewer’s names and details: When several interviewers are scheduled, all information is listed according to the selected attribute, be it names, job titles or other info.

  • Time of the interview:  interview time shown in the text of the message uses the timezone of  the position’s location. If a location is not specified , or a timezone has not been  not defined for the position’s location, then the interviewer’s time zone is used. Note: Regardless of the time zone shown  the correct time will appear in the candidate’s calendar.

  • Location map: A map can be added for in-person interviews when a meeting room has been  selected and is associated with a location. In this case the location address is used to generate a map. The  same address appears in the candidate’s calendar.

To insert an attribute:

  1. Place your cursor where you want to insert the attribute

  2. Click Insert attribute

  3. Select an attribute from the list

NOTE: the list of available attributes varies between different templates according to the context of the message.



Customize your messages to speak the language of every candidate. .

Learn more about how to set up languages here.

NOTE: Messages sent to candidates and sources use the language associated with the position location. If a language is not defined or a message is not defined for the specified language then the default language is used.



The  candidate is clearly not a fit? Make your decision quickly then  let Comeet notify him/her later on.

Delay sending rejection emails by choosing among these options:

  • Send immediately

  • Wait 1 day

  • Wait 2 days

  • Wait 3 days

  • Wait 5 days

You can change the delay time when sending email to candidates manually.

Also, when an email is pending, a message will appear on the candidate’s activity with option to Send now or Don’t send.


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