At Comeet, we want to make it easy for your company to prevent hiring discrimination and ensure your company is compliant with equal employment opportunity regulations (EEO).

With Comeet's EEOC/OFCCP questionnaire feature, it’s simple for companies that are required to comply with these regulations to gather the needed information. This is done by enabling the questionnaire for the entire company, or just for the company’s offices within the United States.

Once enabled, candidates that apply online will be presented with the questionnaire while candidates that apply via other methods will be directed to the questionnaire with a link in the “Thanks for applying” email.

Are you unsure if this applies to you? Read these pages from the EEOC and OFCCP to find out if your company is required to submit equal employment opportunity information.

Enable questionnaire for all positions

To enable the questionnaire for all positions, navigate to Settings –> Sourcing –> Careers Website. Simply check the box under Equal employment opportunity and you’re all set.

Enable questionnaire for a specific location

To enable the questionnaire for a specific location, navigate to Settings –> Localization –> Locations. Click to Edit the location that you would like to enable the questionnaire for, and simply check the box to enable it.


For the annual report or for an audit, the complete data is available for download under Reports –> Export. Select Equal Employment Opportunity to download the report (available for Comeet Owner/Admin roles).

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