The Office Interviews Calendar is always in sync with the in-person interviews for a specific location, helping recruiters and management keep track of all interviews.

This calendar may also be used to let the receptionist that welcomes candidates to the office know the details of their interviews, to inform the candidates who they are meeting, and when and where to meet them.

Best practice: We recommend creating a dedicated calendar for interviews in the office and sharing with the receptionist and all who need to see who’s visiting the office.

Setup an office calendar

If your company does not have specific office email address’ setup yet, please follow these instructions below:

  1. Ask your IT representative to create a mailbox with a calendar for each of your offices, for example:

  2. In Comeet go to Company settings -> Location and click to edit the location (available to the company admin).

  3. In the Edit Location window add the new email address in the Calendar email field and click Save. To add multiple email addresses separate by commas.

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