Select candidates by clicking their checkboxes or click the first candidate, hold the shift key and click the last candidate to select the entire list. Manage multiple candidates by using the bulk actions below: 

  • Send emails

  • Tag candidates

  • Reject candidates

  • Delete candidates

  • Change candidate's status

  • Change candidate's position

  • Complete send-notification steps

  • Complete Go/No-go and Administrative steps

Send Emails

  1. Click Email.

  2. Select an existing template or click Compose

Change Positions

  1. Click Edit > Change Position.

  2. Choose the position that candidates will be moved to and the workflow step candidates will be added to. 

  3. Click Change Position. 

Visit Permissions to modify which roles have the ability to change candidate positions. 

Note: Candidates cannot be moved if they have scheduled interviews, have pending send notification steps or have already been hired.

Complete Administrative and Go/No-go Steps

  1. Click Go or No-go

  2. If you select No-go choose a rejection reason and decide if the candidate should be notified by clicking Don't notify, Create 'Send Notification' step, or Send message.

  3. If required, decide if the candidate's source should be notified. 

Tag Candidates

  1. Click the Tag icon to select an existing tag or create a new tag by typing your preferred name and clicking New tag

Delete Candidates

  1. Click Edit > Delete candidates.

  2. Confirm you want to delete candidates by clicking Delete when prompted.

Complete ‘Send notification’ Steps

  • Click Don't sent - close or Send - message to complete the step.

Change candidate status

Click the status button to change multiple candidates' status.

Rejecting multiple candidates

When rejecting multiple candidates at once you can decide who will be notified.  

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